"The thing is, if you just do stuff, and nothing happens, what's it all mean?"

Everything is Contaminated (the real-life effects of the cult)


"you're nothing to me but a bunch of customers!" doesn't seem like the approach Gilligan takes to his audience. However, he really doesn't care too much. .... He's like Heisenberg, building an empire based on purity. Much as Walt gets to sit in his domestic delusion whilst junkies like Splooge and Skank rip-roar through all humanity due to the fiend-fix-machine, and the yet unseen citizens of the Czech Republic tear society asunder through Walt's "art;" Gilligan didn't intend to take the entertainment world by storm, but doesn't concern himself with the practically schizophrenic engagement that the truly strung out fanatic has with the show (I guess in this case, BB lovers would be more like fanatical-addicts).

These links can be found in the citations section, but I want to point to a few examples of some of the more interesting or alarming fan-crazes that are out there. I'll avoid much exposure to the truly crash, or online "oddities" that clearly don't get the spirit of the show;

PUTTING A PIN IT IT (the opposing argument to BB's life-revealing artistic genius)

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