"The thing is, if you just do stuff, and nothing happens, what's it all mean?"

Internalized Works (Citations)

An inventory of pretty much every Breaking Bad related "edification source" that I sponged up. These texts, both sacred and profane, all helped me in my constantly ongoing internal/external monologue/conversation with this tiny little TV show. 

The Previous Scholarship section gives more respect and attention to the thinkers/thought out there that I'm referring to cryptically as "The Elders Speaketh" (as I speaketh with minest tongue-in-cheek)

Friends and Colleague:

Those who helped me the most, in ways beyond the safe-zone of intellectual criticism. 

  • Nicholas A. Bacon: yooooo
  • more to come, so don't feel offended friends, if I don't mention you yet.


It's taken a bit of time for internet based criticism to receive the respect it deserves. The intellectual times, they have a 'changed. (and you know what websites can do that print books and essays can't..."it's even got a paypal and everything")
  • AV Club: In general a stellar source of Breaking Bad analysis, discussion, and features. Brilliant writing, and spot on analysis. Noel Murray is a BB "correspondent" of note, but credit goes to Donna Bowman for her constantly epic and captivating episode reviews. SEE Previous Scholarship for more detailed citations and annotations. 

Printed Literature

Distant Literary Relations:

Poets (there are more imbued in the show than just the obvious)
  • William Blake (on the surface level, but his "Grain of Sand" speaks to the art as a whole)

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