"The thing is, if you just do stuff, and nothing happens, what's it all mean?"

The Names of the Roses (an episode by any other title would not mean as much)

Let me confess something, and I'm not trying to flex my neural muscles, but rather admit to a feat that speaks to a certain OCD(erangement) in my approach to channel cruising on the spectator-ship. I have every episode title of Breaking Bad memorized. I can only recall one actual phone number (It's mine own, and sometimes even I mix it up).

I didn't go out of my way to get this completely non-monies-making skill set (...maybe one day, if I play my cards wrong, at a bar straight out of the BBiverse, I'll win at least a round of trivia because of it...though if I'm a denizen of a bar [even a cheery one], then I probably haven't learned as many real life lessons from the show as I think I have.

Ever episode title is crucial, since it represents both the main thematic motifs of the contained episode,....

So, I'm going to use this space

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