"The thing is, if you just do stuff, and nothing happens, what's it all mean?"

Posting Structure (All I really know is..."Ding...Boom")


Not Necessary, but this section may make more sense if read after a quick skim through the incredibly un"professional" Path I Took section.

Mission Statement:

Here's how I'm approaching the sychronous-review-of-the-final-episodes conundrum. After each episode, I'll try to, within an hour or two, scramble out my initial gut reactions to the show. I ran away from the friends and the room in which I watched it with right now, because I want the subjective impression to be fresh. I'll attempt a common structuring as the unstoppable train moves forward, but I'll probably have to improv. One thing I can promise right's gonna get weird.

When in doubt (i.e. when flippantly skimming), look for things Bolded, Italicized, and CAPITALIZED. The BOLDED CAPITALIZED sections tie in most to the rules laid out in the side-bar pages. It is rare and dangerous, but the BOLDED ITALICIZED CAPITALIZED statement is one that may be a black hole that tears a fabric into any attempt at rational rhetoric. Thankfully I will clean up the super-lab after I make a fool in it. To stretch the metaphor, let's just say that the Victor in this parallel-parable is whomever finds me still twitching away at my cracked laptop after the sun has risen, Monday morning.

And while I love the great material provide by AMC's website, I will not watch anything that shows clips for the next episode (even a brief second clip could seriously mess me up). I know, it's a fools errand to feign such innocence when approaching a show that is about conceptual-corruption

I will also use all my will power to avoid reading any reviews of outside discussion. Not due to some WalterWhitean Will to Power (though, knowing the powers of rationalization...I'm sure there's a little monomaniacal behind the method to this madness0, but to stay true to the spirit of both the Clock-work Universe argument and my own over-eager thesis'o'tao.

I'll try to keep my initial digital-glossolalia tidy (formal and verbal diarherea will be directed into a proper waste-basket after 4 days).

There will be numerous loose ends and half-answered questions and half-questioned answers. Throughout the week, I will use the writings and the digital-audio-file-speakings of the elders to beef up the posts understanding of "the meaning of Breaking Bad."

Again (or maybe, for you...the first time....mind blown), keep checking the Scholarship and Citations pages, so that it's clear I'm trying my best to avoid out right plagiarisation! I will however, hold off as long as I can before I check out the weekly reviews. These were things I felt I had to constantly read, in order to better understand the show. After digesting 5x09, it's clearer than ever that the show is grooving to its own tune; and that any fan paying attention to the free-jazz improv brilliance (again, and this may make no sense for now, but...Can's Tago Mago) can at least pick out the pattern and purpose of  all the seeming chaos..

So, even if I began my love-affair with BB as an inarticulate and greatly confused novice...

I now feel that I can run my own lab, and get product that-while never as pure and unadulterated by the "Maestro's," is still something to be proud of. So proud, I wouldn't even feel too pompous to fall into a scene like

So yeah, even if I will never understand the economics of life (a nail saloon...and paying taxes for it...Kafkaesque, dude), I'm using these final 8 episodes to go rogue. I won't read any new criticism until I feel like I've exhausted the knowledge I've gained from viewing each episode and discussing it with friends.

One necessary loss of my confined spectator-ship is that I won't be able to listen to any more post show pod-casts (or the new "Talking Bad" post show discussion on AMC). Also, Gilligan is the type who doesn't answer the questions he has already intertwined within the fabric of the show. Based on previous interviews, he sometimes comes across as a trickster, wanting to guide the audience toward the show's meaning. (ROAD NOT TAKING anecdote...not the case here). However, his discussion of the nuts and bolts of the show, as w

There will be a separate ELDERS SPEAKETH section that, either-way-in-which-they-enlighten, will certainly help bolster my "crazed" theories! If you are already terrified of this site, there will at least be sections with up-to-date hyperlinks of sources-of-reflection (i.e. reviewery) that are much more to-the-point and eloquent than I could ever be capable of!

I will even efficiently snip shots from the recording I make from each airing, and will tastefully utilize the inherent iconography that the show has flawlessly turned into an organic mythology (that sentence does mean something, I swear).

MISFITS: This will probably be a section that will remain on the bottom of every post and page we work on here. I need to contain the analysis to the "Sections of Meaning," but since everything that's a part of everything is involved in the show

Snake devouring it's tale.

Mobius strip
(this has something to do with the nature of cinema...briefly alude to your philosophy, but don't go overboard

Encapsulate, poorly, the essence of the show.

Beginning and End (so, when I talk about episodes, I'm going to have a specific section for the relationship between the Cold Open (beginning shot) and the Denouement (final shot), scenes that tend to usually be highlights  (maybe explain cognitively why this is such an effective strategy of structure).

So, since there are still 8 episodes left, this will more or less be a running draft for a while. Hell, since I still discover new textures or "clues" after rewatching an episode for a . Let's just say that this may never end. If I had to give away a final shot (none of Gilligan's restraint here!), this stuff would probably go into a mind-map that would be so alienatingly obtuse that I would never want to consult it. So, I'll try to not defeat the purpose...

Configuration of "Sections of Meaning" 

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