"The thing is, if you just do stuff, and nothing happens, what's it all mean?"

Musical Overtures and Undertures

Sometimes I don't know where
This dirty road is taking me
Sometimes I can't even see the reason why
I guess I keep a-gamblin'
Lots of booze and lots of ramblin'
It's easier than just waitin' around to die

One time, friends, I had a ma
I even had a pa
He beat her with a belt once 'cause she cried
She told him to take care of me
Headed down to Tennessee
It's easier than just waitin' around to die

I came of age and I found a girl
In a Tuscaloosa bar
She cleaned me out and hit in on the sly
I tried to kill the pain, bought some wine
And hopped a train
Seemed easier than just waitin' around to die

A friend said he knew
Where some easy money was
We robbed a man, and brother did we fly
The posse caught up with me
And drug me back to Muskogee
It's two long years I've been waitin' around to die

Now I'm out of prison
I got me a friend at last
He don't drink or steal or cheat or lie
His name's Codine
He's the nicest thing I've seen
Together we're gonna wait around and die

The sun's the only one who sleeps
I can hear everything you say
There's a small piece of earth between you and me
We can play fight or we can play
Come on and take me on

Cause when the war is over,
the fight is done.
Well I'll be lying in the sun
-The Black Seeds, "One by One," 2x09 "Four Days Out" 
(this song's optimism reflects a time when Walt could have escaped)

Despite all the sonority interwoven into the musical intertext, the silences often sings loudest 








First Season

  • Cold Opener
  • Fiery Final

Second Season

  • Cold Opener
  • Fiery Final

Third Season

Fourth Season

  • Cold Opener

We touched the walls of the city streets and
Dead ends plain, sadly showed us our ways
Of never asking why

Cast down it was heaven sent and

To the church, no intent to repent on my knees
Just to cry

Until you travel to that place you can't come back

Where the last pain is gone and all that's left is black

Grey nights he's coming to me and

Some day they'll punish my deeds and they'll find
All the crimes

But then they ask when they gonna see them

Then they gonna ask to feel the ghosts, the walls, the dreams
Well I've got mine

At last those coming came and they never looked back

With blinding stars in their eyes but all they saw was black

Fooled them hoping to seem

Like a slave of evil but the product of greed and
It's not a mass so be honest with me
We can't afford to ignore that I'm the disease

Practical since we had to be and

When they were old they came back to me and they tried
Oh they tried

And when you follow through and wind up on your back

Looking up at those stars in the sky, those white clouds have turned it black

-Norah Jones and Danger Mouse, Black, End of 4x13 Face-Off

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