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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Name and Name Calling of the Father: Verbal Gymnastics and Linguistic Charlatanry

Your world is in flames there ain't even a name
For the feelings you feel as you watch it all burn.
There's a girl in the distance, she's calling your name,
But the name that she's calling is not your name, she calls:

The word-mule! the word-mule! the word-mule!
But he's plowing the field 
The word-mule! the word-mule! the word-mule!
But he's plowing the field 

And you can't walk on that water, I know 'cause I tried.
It's our spider web-thinking, it's just too heavy with holes.
And our thoughts they are made up of red georgia clay,
We think we know everything, but man we don't know:

My friends,
Look out for hustlers for preachers for shysters,
Them silver-tongued saints who pretend to do good,
'Cause they're geeks biting chicken-heads off with their witty rejoinders they ain't nothing but greasy fast food for:
-Jim White, "Word Mule," 5x09 "Blood Money (see analysis of Hank in Unraveled 5x09)

My mother would tell me so many stories about my father.
She would talk about him all the time.
I knew about his personality, how he treated people...
I knew things about my father.
I had a lot of information.
It's because people would tell me these things.
They would paint this picture of my father for me, and I always pretended that was who I saw, too, who I remembered, but it was a lie.
In truth, I only have one real, actual memory of my father.
It must've been right before he died...
Anyway, there, lying on the bed, is my father.
He's all-- He's all twisted up...
Anyway that is the only real memory that I have of my father.
I don't want you to think of me the way I was last night.
I don't want that to be the memory you have of me when I'm gone
-Walter, 4x10, "Salud"

What other epi-graphic did you expect, a TLC music video?

Language games.
Truth content.
Some weird pretensia...

Usually, academic-y writings take the literary "epigraph" and use an excessively long external quote, as I am often guilty of; to bring out the echoes of past works, to elucidate common themes and establish an overall "feel" from the get-go. It can often be a too-clever-and-elusive for its own good mechanic (...again, "you got me").

(Funny story about being a dick about things: despite using them often, I would use the term "epigram" whenever I would talk about epigraphs. Unfortunately, both terms were, so no one ever called me out for it (not like it was the most important  . I felt like I needed to share, especially in a post about proper naming (literally

Explanation of first Epigraph

I've seen a million numbered doors on the horizon

Now which is the future you choosen before you gone dying

I'll tell you about a secret I've been undermining

Every little lie in this world comes from dividing

Say you're my lover

say you're my homie
Tilt my chin back, slit my troath
Take a bath in my blood, get to know me
All out of my secrets
All my enemies are turning into my teachers
Light's blinding
No way dividing
What's yours or mine when everything's shining
Your darkness is shining
My darkness is shining
Have faith in ourselves
-Alexander Ebert, Truth, 5x01 "Box-Cutter"

I'm saying I've lived too long.
I mean you want them to actually miss you, you know? You want their memories of you to be But she just won't She just won't understand.
I mean, no matter how well I explain it these days, she just has this This I mean, I truly believe there exists some combination of words.
There must exist certain words in a certain specific order that would explain all of this, but with her, I just I just can't ever seem to find them.
-Walter White, 3x10, "Fly"

"What is 'One-Who-Knocks' Raving-Rant?" would be the Jeopardy Style response to the Walt's saught-out Answer "The Specific Combination of Words that Explains 'All of This'" (Double Jeopardy Category: Performative Speech Acts

But hey, despite the unreliability of empiricism, idealism, logic, common sense. the things that gave Hank the smoking gun was the word (i.e. the initials and handwriting in Walt's copy of Leaves of Grass juxtaposed against old DEA files of the Fring case...or something) and a clear vision (i.e. looking into Walt's eyes as he laid down the accusation, everything afterward was just Hank telling Walt the truths that he knows).
  • For score-keeping, here's a running list of the names of father White
    • Father White
    • Walter White
    • Mr. White
    • Walter
    • Walt

    • Word Mule


And for some surreal fan(tasy)-made pictorial enlightenment, her

Explanation of second Epigraph (warning, you are about to witness something real nuts...epigraphs to epigraph-explanation subheadings...oh boy).

It's telling that Walt's most authentic moment he ever has with his son in during this (

Epi-graphic Explanation

Seems obvious, but there are some intriguing layers to the cold open that snippet is from.

The future unraveling of episode 5x07 will dig even deeper (Spotlight!)

Driftin' back.......

Walt wanted to be Heisenberg. Full actualization took scientific trial and area, with a dash of complete madness and unplanned stumbles down the avenues of absurdity. 

First Heisenberg was an afterthought embedded in an unconscious impulse of regress; a phantom. A linguistic fancy thought up on the "Fly." His coming out party was a blast...

A good time was had by all. Hell, Walt was just putting on a persona to avenge his surrogate son. Awesome(see, the audience approves...#HEISENBERG-RULES)! Identification with the main protagonist rocks!

Even Tuco enjoyed himself, and was able to lighten up a bit. 

Shit; sure beats some of the other party's Walt-enberg has "thrown":
Funny how things "blew over" better for Ol' Heisen-Walt in the drug-den, than in his own backyard

To toughen up, and complete the "secret identity," Walt needed a costume...

The Heisen-Hat even gets it's own leit-motif, courtesy of Dave Porter's expressionist score...

If Gus can't recognize my internal awe-inspiring-ness; I guess I'll have to really sell it with this hat

Yeah, I'm being silly. The . Where's the hat? Tossed out with the other symbolic representation of THAT SWEET AZTEC

Nowhere Man sees the writing on the walls. Before, the name was a spectre, a disembodied categorization. He thought having a rival (an alter ego aside from his own...which Declan provides) say his name would make him a God. He flew too close to the god-is-the-sun. 

Killing Mike (the real Father of the meth-game) for no real reason, made Walter White face the gaping holes in his assumed omniscience. He was nothing after that. Who is Heisenberg now? The truth. It is written...

Soon the word-mule's, world may be in flames...immolating all

Very Crucial Thread to Understanding the Circular Metamorphosis (i.e. metaphor-apotheosis)

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