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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bringing Ol' Yeller Back From the Dead: "Better Call the Witch Doctor"

Say it isn't so...

Well, the spin-off about Saul Goodman has been on everyone's minds for years now, but the announcement still unsettles me. I thought it would turn out to be a bait'n'switch, but...alas...

Better Call Saul

Can't the corporate interests that I'm sure pressured Vince to get on board with this understand that what is seen cannot be unseen? Saul has already decayed into such a ghoulish representation of himself. Do you notice how his presence as of 5x13 brought very little comic relief. Lately, he brings nothing but doom and gloom (trips to Belize, and Ol' Yeller metaphors). Even his face, with the damage that Jesse caused, is a death mask (and also an allusion to Jack Nicholson's character in Chinatown). And there are three episodes left in which he will likely be intertwined with absolute terror. Even the prospect of rewatching comic gems like "Better Call Saul" (2x08) seems like it will be devoid of laughter now that I know where Saul has headed...

Yeah, so likely flop. Rating wise, it's gonna kill it, but it could likely be the kind of artistic compromise that contaminates the overall merit of the "Breaking Bad" universe. Didn't Vince learn, after witnessing the consequences of the Lone Gunman spinoff? Let's hope this news ends up being one elaborately twisted red herring.

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